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Ex-footballer to auction football medals and Ronaldinho's shirt to help homeless

Geoff Horsfield is auctioning his football medals and memorabilia to help the homeless. Photo: Credit: BPM

Former Birmingham City and West Bromwich Albion striker Geoff Horsfield is selling off his treasured football medals and memorabilia – to help the homeless.

His collection includes the League Cup runners-up medal he won with Birmingham City in 2001 and the 2003/04 First Division runners-up medal he won while playing for West Brom.

Horsfield is also selling shirts he acquired during his career.

Among them is a signed Ronaldinho shirt from his AC Milan era, and the top John Terry wore when he lifted the 2005 Premiership title with Chelsea.

Geoff Horsfield said he sees the auction as a way to help people who are less fortunate than him:

Of course, I was honoured to win those medals, and they mean a lot – but they tend to gather dust in the loft. So if I can auction them for a good cause then so be it. I’ve got all my memories upstairs in my brain.

Someone else can enjoy the medals and we can raise money for charity at the same time.

– Geoff Horsfield

All proceeds from the auction will go towards the Geoff Horsfield Foundation’s bid to build a centre in Birmingham that will offer accommodation, food and showers for the homeless.

Horsfield also wants the centre to have a café, gym and a rehabilitation centre. It will also offer counselling services to people struggling with alcohol and drug addiction.