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West Midlands ambulance attacked by vandal while patient was being treated inside

A West Midlands ambulance has been taken off the road after it was damaged by vandals. Credit: Edd Davis

A West Midlands ambulance was attacked by vandals while a patient was being treated inside.

The damaged vehicle had to be taken off the road and could no longer be used by paramedics.

The incident happened in Woodside, Telford at about 1.20am on Monday morning.

The attacker smashed a wing mirror and threw mud on the windows.

West Midlands Ambulance Service are appealing for information which may help them identify the culprit.

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Edd Davis, who works as an operations manager for West Midlands Ambulance Service in Shrewsbury, tweeted pictures of the defaced vehicle.

He said that it is not an unusual occurrence.

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“How can it possibly be appropriate for anyone who has nothing to do with the case the ambulance crew are dealing with to suddenly start attacking the vehicle?

“Sadly, many of our crews are familiar with this sort of behaviour, but when you are a patient, this must have been terrifying.

“Any such actions are abhorrent. We will be pulling the CCTV from the vehicle and passing it to the police but we would ask for anyone who has any information about this despicable incident to contact West Mercia Police."

– West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman