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Teenager gets Royal Wedding invitation for his work campaigning for the deaf community

Reuben teaching sign language to his fellow pupils. Credit: ITV News Central

A teenager from Derby has been invited to the Royal Wedding for his campaigning for the deaf community.

Reuben Litherland was born deaf, and runs a class teaching fellow pupils at his school sign language during lunch breaks.

He has also campaigned for deaf-friendly cinema screenings.

I think that's important for the future because that's quite a useful skill because if they meet a deaf person they could use that communication to communicate and make the communication easier and smoother.

– Reuben Litherland
Reuben gets fitted into his Royal Wedding suit. Credit: ITV News Central

Reuben's efforts have earned him royal recognition.

He will be among more than 2,500 guests in the grounds at Windsor Castle for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's big day.

The couple have invited thousands of members of the public to the wedding - even as major political figures were left off the list.

"It'll be really exciting when I go to London to see Windsor Castle and to know you're really really there - it'll just feel real."

– Reuben Litherland

"To be going and representing his community, the deaf community, to be there putting sign language at the front for everyone to see is a real privilege."

– Jacinta Litherland
Reuben is excited to visit Windsor Castle. Credit: ITV News Central

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