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Con woman jailed after string of robberies to fund drug habit

Derroll Flynn committed the offences over a 20-year-period to fund a drug addiction Photo: West Midlands Police

A woman who posed as a policewoman to trick her way into pensioners' homes and steal from them has been jailed for 9 years.

Derrol Flynn, formerly of Kitts Green, carried out the burglaries over a 20-year period to fund a drug habit.

The 45-year-old gained access to her victims' homes by using a fake police ID badge made out of a SIM card holder and a shoe lace, flashing it briefly to trick victims.

As seen in the video below, some of her victims were not fooled by the scam.

Derrol Flynn had previously been jailed several times for multiple burglaries that saw her steal around £20,000 from vulnerable people.

She was released on licence from an 8-year sentence in January 2017 but returned to committing crimes.

They included stealing £11,000 from an elderly woman who was tricked into handing over cash, taking out loans and buying iPads and phones for Flynn who convinced her she'd been recruited into an undercover police team.

Her oldest victim was a 98-year-old woman who was a carer for her 105-year-old husband.

Flynn gained access to their home in Bournville, before stealing a total of £6,000 - money which was intended for a trip to Disneyland Paris for the couple's grandchildren.

She was caught last June after police officers linked her to a Peugeot 207 that had been used to carry out some of the offences.

The fake ID card she made from a SIM card holder and shoelace Credit: West Midlands Police

Investigating officer, PC Alan Reeves from West Midlands Police, said:

The fake ID card she made from a SIM card holder and shoelace was almost laughably crude - but it goes to illustrate how vulnerable Flynn's victims were, people who were easily confused and often with poor eyesight.

– PC Alan Reeves, West Midlands Police