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Help! My dog ate my Villa tickets

Andrew Talbot and cockapoo George (left) and the chewed up Wembley tickets (right). Credit: BPM Media

It's the moment Aston Villa fans have been waiting for... the Championship play-off final at Wembley.

But for Villa fanatic Andrew Talbot, his excitement soon turned to anger when his dog ate his tickets.

Cockapoo George gnawed them as soon as they arrived in the post, before Andrew could even get his hands on them.

Andrew, who lives in Sutton Coldfield, said:

Cockapoo George is just four months old and has recently got the taste for paper! Credit: BPM Media

I only found out about this when I received an awkward phone call at work from my wife, Nikki. She called me to say something serious had happened! I couldn't shout at the dog because I was at work. He's only four months old and he's into chewing like most puppies.

Only recently he's discovered a penchant for paper, as you can see by the state of the tickets.

– Andrew Talbot

The 45-year-old was planning on taking his sons Charlie and Louie, and is now anxiously waiting to see if his tickets can be reprinted in time for Saturday's big game.