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Students warned to finish house parties by 11pm

Tougher penalties will be handed out to students in Nottingham who organise large-scale house parties and disrupt their neighbours.

Numerous house parties are expected to take place over the coming days, as students celebrate the end of exam season.

Many residents say they've already had enough of the noise and rowdy behaviour.

There are still a minority of students who insist on having loud house parties. Screaming and shouting up the street drinking in the streets till all hours in the morning. There are families around here with small children, babies, elderly residents, people who are going through trauma and stress who need their sleep.

– Julia Marriott, Nottingham resident
A student party in Lenton recently led to the damage of a residential wall Credit: BPM Media

Letters from the City Council have been sent to various residents in Nottingham.

They say their community protection service will look to use robust powers available to them in an effort to penalise students who disturb other residents.

Penalties for students who host loud house parties range from warnings to on-the-spot fines and prosecution.

The city's two universities, Nottingham University and Nottingham Trent University, say they encourage their students to make a positive contribution to the area.