Dudley Zoo has welcomed its latest arrival - an anteater named Bubbles.

Bubbles arrived from Longleat Safari Park and is already making friends with some of the other animals. He even sneaked in a kiss with two-year-old fellow anteater Romy.

Romy and Bubbles will live initially in separate parts of the paddock, before gradually being given more access to each other if the introduction is successful.

The pair were caught on camera rubbing their noses together through mesh.

Introducing Bubbles to Romy will be a slow process but it is going very well so far. If things remain positive as we give them more contact we will look to put them together and hopefully they will breed in the future.

Jay Haywood. Assistant Curator at Dudley Zoo
Bubbles has bonded with fellow anteater Romy. Credit: Dudley Zoo
  • What are anteaters?

Anteaters are solitary species, found in the tropical forests and grasslands of Central and South America.

They have no teeth and use their long tongues, which can be more than two feet, to eat up to 35,000 ants and termites a day in the wild.

Captive anteaters, like Bubbles and Romy, eat a gruel supplement mixture containing meat, maize, fish oil and vitamins and minerals.