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Daughter of murdered teacher and former gang member launch online group to tackle violent crime

The daughter of a murdered teacher and a reformed gang member are setting up an online community group to tackle violent crime in Nottingham.

Sherilyn Cass and Damien Henry want to bring victims' families and ex-offenders together to show how knives and guns ruin lives.

The pair have only met two weeks ago, but have have already struck up a close bond.

They are both determined shared negative experiences of guns and knives should bring something positive to their home city.

Sherilyn's mother Julie Semper was strangled and stabbed to death by her ex-partner at her home in Mapperley Park.

Damien drifted into gang culture when he was 13 years old. He routinely carried a gun, and was himself shot and stabbed.

Sherilyn and Damien are now appealing to families who have lost loved ones and former criminals to speak out with one voice against guns and knives.

They hope the community group will bring people together and get the message out to the younger generation.

Violent crime brought the two of them together. Now together they want to bring change.