Useful tips for mowing your lawn

A company from Staffordshire who are providing lawn mowers to be used at the World Cup in Russia give tips on how to keep the perfect lawn.

Allet which is based in Hixon near Stafford has grown to become one of the popular mower makers for the world's elite sporting events.

185 of its specialist machines - each costing £10,000 have been provided for the tournament in Russia.

Tip 1 - The Height of the cut

  • Don't shave your grass really low

  • Mow your lawn at either 1 inch or 25 mm

Tip 2 - Frequency

  • Mow your lawn often during the growing season

  • Cut your lawn either once or twice per week

Tip 3 - Cut your lawn gradually

  • Don't shave down your grass all in one go

  • Take the height of the cut down gradually

  • Always collect your grass cuttings

Tip 4 - Reduce the organic matter

  • A lawn scarifier will help you to remove the moss from your law

  • This will prevent you from getting fungal diseases

Tip 5 - Fertilise regularly

  • Fertilise regularly

  • Fertilise little and often