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Cannabis oil used to treat woman with terminal cancer

A cancer patient from Coventry, who was told she had weeks to live, claims her life has been saved by cannabis oil.

Joy Smith is now calling on the Government to legalise it in the belief that many other cancer patients could also benefit.

The Government insists there are no medicinal benefits to cannabis and the oil is technically illegal under UK law.

Cannabis oil is injected into pill capsules and swallowed. Credit: ITV News Central

Joy began using cannabis oil after weeks of intensive chemotherapy treatment.

Initially, Joy claimed she did not enjoy taking the oil, but was encouraged to do so by her daughter.

Eventually, she was told that the cancer had cleared.

I went to see my consultant and she said that there was nothing left to see. She was quite happy to take me off my treatment. I just couldn't could believe it when I came out. I was so excited.

– Joy Smith, cancer survivor
Charlotte Caldwell and her son Billy at Heathrow Airport Credit: PA

The use of cannabis oil has been highlighted by cases such as that of 12-year-old Billy Caldwell.

His mother has vowed to return to Canada to get more cannabis oil used to treat his severe epilepsy after having a supply confiscated at Heathrow Airport.

Charlotte Caldwell made the trip to Toronto and back with Billy to get a six-month supply to treat up to 100 seizures a day, but said border officials seized the oil on Monday (11 June).

People should be able to have this for medical use. I don't agree with it to legalise for everybody to have it but for medical purposes this is a different thing to smoking a plant. It's an oil.

– Joy Smith