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From wellies to bellies: Teaching children to grow their own healthy food

A not-for-profit business is trying to encourage schoolchildren to eat more fruit and vegetables - by getting them to grow their own.

Wellies2Bellies is part of a wider project run by couple Sarah Gill and Michael Forbes.

The pair convert otherwise unused land to allotments for schools and local communities.

The idea behind Wellies2Bellies is get children to choose healthy food by showing them how to grow healthy food.

When children come to Wellies to Bellies the first thing that they need to do is learn to how to actually sow their own seeds.

So that is all about where their food comes from. They then learn how to nurture their food and eventually how to harvest it.

Once they've harvested their food we then show them how to cook it but really it's about taking all the things they learn about Wellies to Bellies with us and putting it into their home environment.

– Sarah Gill, CEO, Gro Organic

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