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Group of men jailed after racist sticker campaign

Chad Williams-Allen (left) and Gary Jack (right) Photo: West Midlands Police

A group of men have been jailed for putting up racist stickers across a university campus.

After issuing the stickers, the men also gave Nazi-type salutes while holding the black flag of the far-right group National Action.

Sentencing them today (13 June), the judge said the stickers, which were put up at Aston University in Birmingham, had "potential to cause social unrest and racial tension in the city".

He added that the stickers were also recruitment tools for National Action.

National Action was banned in December 2016, becoming the first extreme right-wing group to be outlawed in the UK. Credit: ITV News Central

Following a trial last month, 27-year-old Chat Williams-Allen from West Bromwich and Garry Jack, 22, from Birmingham were convicted of stirring up racial hatred, alongside two other men who cannot be named for legal reasons.

Williams-Allen, who the court heard had provided most of the 11 offensive stickers, was jailed for 21 months.

Jack was sentenced to 12 months, suspended for two years alongside a five-year criminal behaviour order.

Two other men, a 27-year-old and a 23-year-old, were jailed for 16 months and 12 months respectively.