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Reaction to 4,600 jobs cuts at Rolls-Royce

1,000 job losses will be the Roll-Royce headquarters in Derby. Credit: PA

There has been widespread concern over the announcement that Rolls-Royce plans to cut 4,600 jobs over the next two years.

The company confirmed that 1,000 jobs will be lost at the headquarters in Derby and will happen this year.

The cuts are part of a major restructuring drive aiming to save £400 million a year.

  • Effect on local businesses

The job cuts at Rolls-Royce cuts will be felt throughout community in Derby.

Lorraine serves employees for lunch at her sandwich shop, as well as the catering for Rolls Royce's social clubs and sandwich vans.

She says business worth £100 a day and the job losses could have a "significant impact" on her business

  • The Government position

Business Secretary Greg Clark has said the Government will work with Rolls-Royce to make sure the "interests of the workforce are strongly represented".

Speaking during Urgent Questions in the House of Commons, he said:

It's obvious that this news will come as a blow to the workforce and that this is a very worrying time for the dedicated and talented employees who've done nothing to bring this on themselves, but who will be affected.


Shadow Business Secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey described the job losses at "deeply disturbing news for Derby".

She called on the company to "provide significant support for employees" and honour their previous commitments for no compulsory redundancies.

This is deeply disturbing news for Derby. Despite making a profit of £4.9bn last year this restructuring means over 4000 people will lose their jobs which is of major economic significance both locally and nationally.

There is a real risk that redundancies of this scale will have a detrimental effect not just on the lives of workers and their families but on the future of skills in this much needed sector and the health of the local economy.

Today they must provide significant support for employees and discuss with local leaders in Derby what measures they will take to directly support a reinvigorated local industrial strategy.

It is also imperative that the Company honours previous commitments to no compulsory redundancies.

– Rebecca Long-Bailey MP, Shadow Business Secretary
There are fears about the impact of the jobs cuts on the wider community in Derby. Credit: PA

Chris Williamson, Labour MP for Derby North, raised concerns about the treatment of workers in his constituency:

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Steve Turner, assistant general secretary of the Unite Union warned that the job losses will "cut too deep and too fast", could see "vital skills and experience lost" at Rolls-Royce.

This announcement will be deeply unsettling for Rolls-Royce workers and their families and could have a dire economic impact on local communities reliant on Roll-Royce jobs.

There is a real danger that Rolls-Royce will cut too deep and too fast with these jobs cuts, which could ultimately damage the smooth running of the company and see vital skills and experience lost.

– Steve Turner, assistant general secretary, Unite

There are also concerns about the impact for the whole of the East Midlands.

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