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All you need to know about the Birmingham Pollution Charge

A new charge is planned for vehicles driving into Birmingham city centre by 2020 - to try to tackle lethal levels of air pollution.

  • Car drivers could be charged up to £10
  • HGVs could be charged £100
  • Birmingham is one of the most polluted cities in the country
  • The government has ordered the council to take action
  • Council says air pollution has shortened 900 people's lives in the city
  • A public consultation will now open
  • The scheme could be in place within two years

What's the plan?

It was originally thought a charge would only hit older buses, taxis, coaches and lorries.

But the council is now including private cars in its plans, and has not ruled out the inclusion of motorbikes as well.

The council says it's to tackle a "public health crisis" and is not about making money.


Birmingham's city council's analysis found air pollution was responsible for shortening the lives of about 900 people across the city.

The council could be fined millions of pounds by the Government if it doesn't clean up the city.


It would cover every road within the city centre, incorporating the Bullring Shopping Centre and Arena Birmingham, up to – but not including – the A4540 middle ring road.

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Which vehicles will be charged?

Vehicles entering the Clean Air Zone will be charged if they fall below emissions standards – Euro 4 petrol, which are those registered before about 2006, and Euro 6 for diesel, which are those registered before about 2015.

Based on 2016 data, Birmingham City Council estimates that about half of all cars would fall within the charging scheme based on those emission standards, and about 55% of all vehicles, when taken together with HGVs, vans, coaches and minibuses.

What next?

A public consultation is open until 23:59 tonight (Friday, 17th August) to give citizens and organisations the chance to share their views. A detailed plan will be presented to Government in September.

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