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Police officers share chips with hungry 'suspected illegal immigrant'

Credit: @LeicsPoliceRPU

Two Leicestershire police officers bought chips to share with a hungry "suspected illegal immigrant" after finding him on the motorway.

The policemen said he had not eaten for days.

They wrote on social media: "Male found on motorway suspected to be an illegal immigrant into the UK.

"He’s not eaten for days and we’ve not eaten for hours, so we’ve all shared some fine English cuisine... a bag of chips!"

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People took to social media to praise the officers for their actions.

One person wrote: "This is exactly what needs to be shown.

"Here illegally or not, we’re all human beings, and should be treated as such. This is a lovely picture, well done guys!"

Another said: "Great stuff! The human side of policing is being shown here."

"It makes me proud to be British."

Many others described their actions as "compassionate" and "caring".