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Horse box to offer safe space for vulnerable

Credit: Cheltenham Street Pastors

A horse box has been converted into a refuge for Friday and Saturday night party goers.

Street Pastors patrol the streets of Cheltenham to help out drinkers who have had a bit too much, or people who have become victims of crime.

Credit: Cheltenham Street Pastors

The horse box will become a 'safe space' from the end of the month, parked up near the town's clubs and bars every Friday and Saturday from 10pm until 4am the following morning.

It's hoped it will reduce the huge demand on ambulance services and the police and provide a warm safe space for recovery and First Aid.

Credit: Cheltenham Street Pastors

Street Pastors offer help to anyone who needs it in Cheltenham and our new Safe Space is the first of its kind in Gloucestershire.

We will not be interfering with the admirable work of the Police and Ambulance services who are often overwhelmed dealing with all that is associated with potential crime and disorder. Our role is to help victims of crime or perhaps those who have overindulged and got separated from friends and therefore feel vulnerable.

– Nigel Bennett, Chair of Cheltenham Street Pastors