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Police find 82 chihuahuas at home of woman who died

The RSPCA is urging people to get their pets neutered, after 82 chihuahuas were discovered inside a house by police investigating a woman's death.

RSPCA inspector Herchy Boal was called by officers to a house in Birmingham, who said they were extremely concerned by the number of pets they had found inside.

When I arrived at the property I found 82 dogs inside.

They literally started appearing from everywhere. We would move the washing machine and suddenly there’d be six faces looking at you.

It was incredible where they were able to hide.

– Herchy Boal, RSPCA inspector
The dogs were living in a 'chaotic, dirty' house Credit: RSPCA

The dogs were living in "chaotic, dirty" conditions, according to the charity and they appeared to have never left the house.

All of the dogs were taken to Newbrook Farm Animal Hospital, where some of them were treated for matted coats, fleas and burns.

The woman who lived at the property along with her husband, had died from complications after an accident.

The couple started out with just two dogs but, after failing to neuter them, ended up with more than 80 dogs within just a few years.

This was a classic hoarding situation but it was clear the couple had loved their dogs and things had simply got out of hand.

We worked with Stephen to renovate and clean the home while we cared for the dogs.

We returned four of the dogs to him and rehomed the rest.

– Herchy Boal, RSPCA inspector

Inpsectors made the discovery in April last year and are highlighting the incident as an example of what can happen when people fail to neuter their pets, ahead of the discovery being shown in an episode of The Dog Rescuers on Channel 5.