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Dying to be slim: The tragic story of Eloise Parry

Eloise Parry wanted to be slimmer. To try to lose weight, she started taking diet pills, containing Dinitrophenol (DNP). It was a decision that would cost her life.

One night in April 2015, after taking eight pills, she became unwell and was admitted to Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. She died there alone.

Bernard Rebelo, 31, from Gosport in Hampshire, was found guilty of her manslaughter on June 27th 2018.

He was also convicted of placing unsafe food on the market.

He is due to be sentenced later today.

DNP can cause multiple organ failure, hypothermia, nausea, coma, muscle rigidity, cardiac arrest and death.

During the trial, Eloise's sister Rebecca Parry, now aged 19, said she had been "focused" on losing weight.

Rebecca said in the time leading up to her death, her sister had struggled "more and more" with her eating disorder.

She said Eloise had mental health difficulties as a teenager, and had been diagnosed with bulimia and a borderline personality disorder.

Eloise Parry had been diagnosed with bulimia and a borderline personality disorder. Credit: West Mercia Police

The trial heard that Eloise started taking DNP in pill form in February 2015.

She soon became addicted and dependent on the yellow powder in the capsules.

In the weeks before she died, Eloise was admitted to hospital on numerous occasions because of the side effects of DNP.

While she was in hospital for the the final time, Eloise wrote the following words.

I screwed up big time. Binged/purge all night and took another four pills at 4am when I woke.

Now in A&E. I think I'm going to die. No-one is known to survive if they vomit because of DNP. I'm so scared.

– Eloise Parry
Eloise Parry's family has warned of the dangers of DNP. Credit: ITV News Central

Following her death, Eloise's family warned others about the dangers of DNP.

Speaking to ITV News Central in 2015, her mother Fiona said:

I want other people to know the risks.

I can't remove this drug from the internet. I can't stop people selling it.

But at least if people know it's dangerous, they can make an informed choice.

– Fiona Parry, Eloise's mother
Eloise's death has had a big impact on her family. Credit: ITV News Central

Fiona Parry said her daughter did not realise DNP could kill her.

I honestly don't believe she knew it was that dangerous .

I certainly don't think she realised it could kill her.

She was alone. She made a mistake and died alone.

– Fiona Parry, Eloise's mother