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The artist who captures Wimbledon's finest in action

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He has painted everything from wildlife to war heroes, and even produced work for the Royal Family.

But when Jeremy Houghton, from Worcestershire, was approached to be the Wimbledon Championship Artist for 2017, he could hardly refuse.

Tennis is one of his great loves, having been a coach in his student days.

His latest opportunity gave him the chance to have a have a view like no other.

My privilidge in this case was to be court side and literally feet on the court.

To be that close to the superstars - the Federers, the Nadals, the Djokovics, the Williams sisters.

Just to be so close to them, and try to get under their skin, and try to capture those characteristics which make them so unique and make them so special, was unbelievable.

– Jeremy Houghton, Artist
Jeremy Houghton's watercolour painting of tennis star Rafael Nadal. Credit: ITV News Central

Jeremy is renowned throughout the world for his ability to capture the feeling of movement within his work.

The biggest challenge with tennis is that each moment is over so quickly. Serves are hit at well over 100 miles an hour

I want them in the middle of the middle of a serve or a middle of a volley, so you've got to work really quickly.

Sketching is the only way, and a camera to capture more elements.

Then once I've got all those aspects, I come back to my studio and I go through a huge amount of imagery. All sorts of photos, all sorts of sketches.

Through looking at those, I can then piece together what is going to be my story, and I'm going to create this particular narrative of Wimbledon.

– Jeremy Houghton, artist
Jeremy Houghton in his workshop in south Worcestershire. Credit: ITV News Central

Jeremy's Wimbledon paintings in the Autumn, when the All England Club includes an exhibition of his work to mark its 150th anniversary.