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Play centre charity used by 500 childminders 'completely destroyed' by flood

"Everything" will have to be replaced at Burbury Park Childminder Centre before it can re-open Photo: BPM Media

A charity play centre which has been at the heart of its community for over 40 years has been devastated by flood water.

Much-loved Burbury Park Childminder Centre was submerged under knee-high water on Saturday (July 7) morning after a massive water pipe burst on neighbouring Wheeler Street.

Within minutes of the pipe bursting the ground-level Burbury Street charity, which welcomes childminders with children from birth to 11, was under water with staff wading through the building.

Children's coats were left hanging on hooks as the flood water rose. Credit: BPM Media

Project manager Rachael Carr said the charity's base had been "wrecked" by the Severn Trent water main burst. A sensory room designed for children with disabilities is among the rooms and facilities destroyed.

There's 40 odd years worth of stuff and it's all been wrecked. It's so heartbreaking, we were all so gutted about it.

It's wrecked everything, the offices, the playroom, the sensory room, everything.

With the heat, it smells already. All the sludge is in everything including the carpet.

We had been planning a big beach party for the end of the year and now that's not going to happen.

– Rachael Carr, Project Manager, Burbury Park Children's Centre
The charity plans to claim from Severn Trent Water but say they rely on goodwill and donations Credit: BPM Media

She said the charity plans to claim from Servern Trent Water for the damage but as a charity must rely on "goodwill" and donations.

Founded in 1976, it supports and advises registered childminders within the Birmingham area and receives funding from Birmingham City Council.

Around 500 childminders have access the charity's play centre - to bring children to socialise at its playgroup, but also for training sessions the charity offers.

More than a hundred homes were affected by Saturday's flooding.

Severn Trent Water has confirmed it is supporting those affected, including providing hotel accommodation for some residents.

The flood water has now receded but Severn Trent say it could take several months to get things back to normal.