A woman, who once considered taking her own life at a bridge in Chesterfield, has now decorated it with messages of support.

Lauren Clifton has suffered from depression and anxiety for much of her life and at one stage considered jumping from the pedestrian bridge.

She is currently getting support for her mental health issues and wants to use her experience to encourage others who may be having suicidal thoughts to seek help.

I want them to know that people do care, and that there is always someone out there to help you. And I'm hoping it will give them that little bit of encouragement to get the help that they need instead of acting on their thoughts.

Lauren Clifton

The messages include quotes, as well as personal notes talking about the struggles Lauren has had to face and how she has managed to overcome them.

Since putting up her messages on the bridge two weeks ago, hundreds of people have stopped to look and read them and they have been well-received by the local community.

A lot of people are talking about it at the moment [...] All our customers are asking about it. A lot of people from the train station come up talking about it and everyone is saying what a really good positive thing it is.

Simone Johnston, local bar manager
Lauren hopes the messages will give hope to anyone considering taking their own life Credit: ITV Central

The idea now seems to be gaining traction elsewhere, with similar projects springing up in cities around the country.

It makes me happy to see that people are reading them, and that it is getting that message out to people. I think the more people that know about it, the more that we can prevent things happening.

Lauren Clifton