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RSPCA now say a 'tragic accident' killed two cats and warn people living in tower blocks to keep windows shut

Credit: David Jones/PA Archive/PA Images

The RSPCA are warning high-rise flat owners to keep windows closed in the hot weather if they have cats - after two died and one was injured in Birmingham.

They had previously put out an appeal for information after it was initially thought they had been thrown to their deaths.

The charity's investigations now indicate the two cats died after a ‘tragic accident’ falling from a tower block.

The two cats were found yesterday lying close together outside Kingswood House, in Kimpton Close, Druids Heath.

A caller reported to the RSPCA that the cats had been thrown from a balcony window off the 12 storey-building and initial inquiries by an inspector suggested this was the case.

A photograph of the dead cats was released as part of an appeal for information to find out what had happened and to trace the owner.

RSPCA inspector Jonathan Ratcliffe, who is investigating the incident, said:

We received a report from a caller who found the deceased cats at 8am and reported that she had been told they had been thrown from a flat, which initial investigations also suggested. But following inquiries at the flats it seems the cats died as a result of a tragic accident after a window was left open due to the hot weather and sadly the pets fell to their deaths. Based on this I would urge owners to be aware of the dangers and keep windows shut - especially on higher levels - to prevent similar tragedies.

– RSPCA inspector Jonathan Ratcliffe

On Monday in the Erdington area of Birmingham a similar incident happened involving a kitten which fell from the third-storey of a block of flats in Jarvis Road.

The kitten survived the incident and is being treated at Newbrook Animal Hospital in Birmingham for various injuries including a broken leg.

Credit: RSPCA