Quiz: Are you smart enough to join Mensa?

How smart are you? Fancy yourself as a brainbox?

This week on ITV News Central, we've got a special series from Education Correspondent Peter Bearne on gifted and talented children.

Bright Sparks features some of the Midlands' cleverest kids and looks at the challenges they and their families face.

To complement the series, why not test your intellect by having a go at these puzzles produced by Mensa, the Wolverhampton-based organisation for Britain's most able minds.

  • Score up to 4 correct answers: Good, but perhaps you're a little out of practice

  • Score 4-6 correct answers: Very good

  • Score 7-8 correct answers: Excellent - you may be eligible to join Mensa

It's just a bit of fun - but who knows, perhaps you could be Mensa material!

The answers will be revealed on Thursday 26 July.

  • Question 1

  • Question 2

  • Question 3

  • Question 4

  • Question 5

  • Question 6

  • Question 7

  • Question 8