With temperatures still rocketing and no end in sight, the impact on farmers trying to keep animals and crops alive is starting to become unbearable.

One farmer from Newark in Nottinghamshire says his livestock are really struggling in the heat and the effects are set to last well into the winter.

With record temperatures and little rain, farmland has been scorched meaning there is not enough grass for sheep to graze.

We've all made winter crops - winter hay and straw - but all that has been used now. So the cost of winter straw is going to be immensely high. That cost will just keep coming all winter. We won't really feel out of this situation potentially until next summer. That will have a big impact for a lot of farmers and we don't even know what this winter is going to bring weather-wise.

Richard Baugh, farmer

Mr Baugh says the problems are not just being caused by the weather we are having now but that 12 months of weather extremes have had an impact.

I enjoy the hot weather, it's nice being in it but long periods of anything - especially in farming - is the worst thing we can have.

Richard Baugh, farmer