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Free drug testing service to be offered at Y Not festival

The confidential service will allow festival-goers to have drugs examined Credit: PA

A free drug testing facility will be available at one of Derbyshire's biggest festivals this year, to try to prevent substance-related illnesses and deaths.

The confidential service at Y Not festival will allow people to have drugs examined, to see if they contain dangerously high levels of toxic or psychoactive substances, chemicals, or anything poisonous.

Derbyshire Police say the decision follows a number of drug-related deaths at music festivals earlier this year.

They stress that the service is intended to keep festival-goers safe and is not a "free pass for people taking illegal substances".

Our stance will always remain the same – that people should not take drugs, and that there are clear dangers in taking illegal substances. We are not in any way encouraging people to take drugs. However, we are realistic in the view that some ticket holders will still choose to buy them despite that warning.

We have seen the impacts of drugs at other festivals this year, which has sadly led to a number of deaths, and we do not want that to happen here.

– Superintendent Michelle Shooter, Derbyshire Police

30,000 people are expected to attend the event in the Peak District.