Nathan Wong is passionate about history and his curiosity about the past is insatiable.

The signs were there from an early age. By the age of three, he was showing an unusual interest in historic churches and architecture.

Nathan also excels at music, maths, and religious studies.

For the fifteen year old, from Stoneygate, Leicester, schoolwork has come easy. But keeping him challenged in class has been hard.

Nathan is also what's known as "dual exceptional". He's gifted, but has a special need. He has been diagnosed with autism and ADHD.

His parents felt he wasn't getting the support he needed at his primary school - he got bored, was often unhappy, and sometimes bullied.

At the age of ten, they decided to move him to the fee-paying Leicester Grammar School.

There's a sense that we could easily let him down if we don't navigate some of life's problems for him and issues - and help him to fulfil his potential. >

Richard Wong, Nathan's father
Nathan took an interest in history from a very early age. Credit: Family photo

Nathan's family get help from the charity Potential Plus UK, which supports thousands of gifted children.

If we don't provide for these children, to miss that would not be a doing them a service, it would be doing society a disservice as well. >

Julie Taplin, Chief executive, Potential Plus UK

Nathan continues to do well at school. He hopes to get a grade 8 or 9 in his History GCSE.

Nathan's parents sent him to a private school to help him get the support he needed. Credit: Family photo