Quiz Answers: Are you smart enough to join Mensa?

ITV News Central's Bright Sparks series has been following the lives of some of the Midlands' cleverest kids - and the challenges they and their families face.

As part of the series, Mensa has produced eight puzzles to try out. Click here to put your intellect to the test.

If you've had a go at the answers, you can find out how you fared below.

  • Score up to 4 correct answers: Good, but perhaps you're a little out of practice

  • Score 4-6 correct answers: Very good

  • Score 7-8 correct answers: Excellent - you may be eligible to join Mensa

It's just a bit of fun - but who knows, perhaps you could be Mensa material!

  • Question 1

  • Question 2

  • Question 3

  • Question 4

  • Question 5

  • Question 6

  • Question 7

  • Question 8