Lucky escape for resident after lightning strikes house and sets it ablaze

A resident of a house in a Nottinghamshire village had a lucky escape after their home was struck by lightning.

Firefighters from three rescue services were called to an address on Cross Street in Langold at 8.40am this morning (Friday, July 27). They say lightning hit the chimney of the property, where it then ignited a fire in an upstairs room.

The occupant of the house had closed the door of the room where the fire started which helped stop the spread of the fire and allowed them to get out.

A spokesperson for the service emphasised the importance of keeping doors closed while at home.

The sockets in local resident Craig Brunt's father's home were destroyed by the lightning. His father lives across the road. Credit: Craig Brunt

28 other properties nearby were affected due to two telephone pylons also being struck, causing sockets to blow out. Langold resident Craig Brunt, whose father lives across the road from the house struck by lightning said the sockets in his father's home were also blown out.

The fire service have left the property but telephone engineers and electricity suppliers remain at the scene.