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Man who grew world's longest cucumber says prayer is his secret to success

Raghbir Singh Sanghera sits with his cucumber for three hours a day. Credit: BPM Media

A man who has broken a world record for growing the world's longest cucumber says his secret is praying to the plant every day.

Raghbir Singh Sanghera feeds the 49-inch plant - which is still growing - with water and fertiliser in the morning, lunchtime and evening, and sits next to it for three hours a day.

The 75-year-old, who lives in Normanton, Derby, was given the cucumber seeds by a friend five years ago and has planted them every year since.

The 49-inch cucumber is still growing. Credit: BPM Media

Raghbir, a local priest and gardener, said:

Last year I grew a 39-inch cucumber with the same seeds but this year I wanted to do better. I sit next to it and pray for my health, for my family and for the cucumber.

I've been growing vegetables all my life but I've never had anything like this. I think the hot weather may have helped it to grow.

I am so proud of it. When it stops growing I will keep it for a few weeks to show people but eventually I will eat it in a salad. It can't go to waste!

Our children and two grandchildren love coming to see it. They are very proud. It is like another child.

– Raghbir Singh Sanghera

Raghbir plans to submit his cucumber to the Guinness Book of Records when it has stopped growing.

The previous world record was 42.5 inches.

He grows Indian vegetables, sweetcorn and onions - but none have compared to the giant cucumber.