Heroism of Thai cave rescuer Rick Stanton to be recognised in home town of Coventry

Rick Stanton, with the rest of the rescue team (third from the left)

The cave diver Rick Stanton will be honoured in his home town of Coventry for his heroism in saving the lives of a Thai football team, who were stuck in a flooded cave with their coach.

The mission captured the attention of the world.

He was the first person to reach the stranded boys last month and gave ITV News Central an incredible account of how he did it.

The former fire fighter from Coventry led the mission to rescue the boys from the flooded Tham Luang cave.

He will receive two awards from Coventry City Council in recognition of his efforts.

Councillors at the next Full Council meeting on 4 September will vote to approve Rick receiving the Coventry Award of Merit and he will also receive a Good Citizen Award.

The council says an Award of Merit is to

"honour behaviour reflecting the highest ideals of citizenship or outstanding performance in any worthy field of human endeavour, which enhances the good name of the City of Coventry and affords inspiration to its citizens".

People who have previously received the award include:

  • Sir Frank Whittle, Inventor of the jet engine

  • Sir Basil Spence, architect and designer of the ‘new’ Coventry Cathedral

  • Professor Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya, Founder of Warwick Manufacturing Group

  • Ratan Tata, chairman of the Tata Group which own Jaguar Land Rover.

On hearing of his awards, Rick modestly acknowledged that his rescue mission wasn't an "everyday event."