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Peacocks under threat in village where they roam free

Peacocks have roamed freely in the village of Tutbury in Staffordshire for many years.

People leave food and water out, and some birds will feed from their hands. Residents take delight in photographing the peacocks in their back gardens.

Credit: Jayne Smith

They breed every year, and this year they had four peachicks.

But disaster struck when one was found dead in the street.

Credit: Anne Walters

Peacocks are not a protected species, and no roadsigns exist warning motorists of their existence.

People in Tutbury decided to raise money to pay for their own signs - and hit their target of £350 in just a day.

Credit: Peacocks of Tutbury

The final design has been chosen and they should go up soon at every entrance to the village.

Credit: Zak Howells