West Bromwich Albion's new sponsor's mascot 'boiler man' is just too much for football fans to handle

So-called 'Boiler man' the sponsor for Ideal Boilers Credit: Gemma Downes

The football season began, players trooped out onto pitches, managers talked up their new squads and talked down last season's failures, and West Bromwich Albion's new sponsor revealed their mascot as the club took on Bolton - a man dressed as a combi boiler - and it sent football fans wild.

Here he is in all his white good glory.

The 'principal partner' of the club this season is Ideal Boilers - proudly announced on May 24th, and from this two year arrangement came Boiler Man, and the company's logos on Albion's kit and training gear.

One football fan appears to have changed his Twitter handle in honour of the man dressed as a combi boiler.

Others had a more stark assessment, with Jade describing the poor overheating figure as "the worst mascot in the history of mascots". Well there you go.

And then some were thrown into turmoil, unsure which way to turn.

The international language of football even got people commenting in Japanese and Italian.

Speaking on behalf on 'Boiler man', the sponsors said,

So the season may not have started for West Brom quite as they would have liked - but it certainly gave the fans something to talk about!

And we got to sit back and lap up some classic British humour. Thank you Twitter.

Ideal Boilers and West Bromwich Albion have been contacted for comment.