150 handwritten notes to help people in their darkest times taken down by council

150 handwritten notes, designed to help people in the darkest of times, have been taken down from the bridge where they were displayed by a county council.

Credit: Katie Houghton

Katie Houghton spent a month writing out notes with inspirational and uplifting phrases, or recruiting other people to do the same.

Credit: Katie Houghton

She tied them one by one to a bridge in Worcestershire, hoping they might be of some help to people at their lowest point.

I wanted to make a difference...The notes were all written from the heart.

Katie Houghton
Credit: Katie Houghton

She said she was inspired by 18-year-old Paige Hunter, who won a police commendation for her efforts pinning notes to a bridge in Sunderland.

When Katie returned to the bridge three days later, her notes were gone. And all that remained were the cable ties.

However, Worcestershire County Council tell us they were forced to take action, pointing out that the notes were unauthorised, and posed a danger to drivers passing under the footbridge.

We regret if the removal of posters from a bridge in Redditch has caused some distress but we have the legal responsibility to keep our highways safe.

Worcestershire County Council spokesperson

There was so much local support for this...I am heartbroken and disgusted.

Katie Houghton

If you've been affected by these issues, please contact The Samaritans