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Love Your Pet Day: ITV News Central is cat mad!

Bob and Dylan

These lovely cats belong to our gallery director Pip.

Credit: Pip Brain


Belongs to reporter Jane Hesketh - he's a rescue cat - he was found in a box on the side of the A6 in Derby. But he's had eight happy years now in the Hesketh household.

Grey and Brown

This troublesome pair with the unimaginative names belong to the parents of our producer Hannah.

Brown is a hunter, while Grey is more affectionate.

Credit: Hannah Stokes

Mabel and Hattie

These Devon Rex have short curly fur and belong to our production specialist Su.

Mabel loves to shout! Especially at 5am...

Credit: Susannah Goodwin


Belongs to producer and sports reporter James Clark. He's three years old and eats everything.

Credit: James Clark


This is reporter Michael Sibert's cat Penelope - who is half Russian Blue. When she was little, (this picture was taken in 2013), she used to spend most of her time on my shoulder.

Now she's much bigger, she's much more grumpy, but still loves a cuddle. She's also very forgiving with my 2 young children!

Credit: Michael Sibert


She belongs to our reporter Melissa Wright - she says Bessie's a bit camera shy!

Credit: Melissa Wright


This lovely rescue cat belongs to Bella.

Credit: Beryl Airey

Bailey and Parker

This lovely pair belong to Debra. She says: "Five years ago, we found Parker (white one) abandoned, living in a derelict building! He's the most loving little man and barely leaves you side!

"Bailey, what can I say, as you can see he loves his food and home comforts!"

Credit: Debra Bridgland

Yogi and Chanel

This fluffy pair belong to Production Journalist Amani. Yogi is Chanel's daughter.

Credit: Amani Ibrahimi


This cat belongs to one of our editors Jo, who helps to prepare our TV reports.

Credit: Jo Brown

Not all our employees have cats...


Marley the Chihuahua belongs to producer Matt. He’s very affectionate, but thinks he owns the whole street - barking at everyone who walks past the window!

Credit: Matt Ratcliffe