Great uncle guilty of killing 11-year-old niece with table leg

Jasmine Forrester was killed in a 'frenzied attack' in February. Credit: BPM Media

A man in his 50s has been convicted of killing his 11-year-old great niece with a table leg.

Delroy Forrester, who is 51, was found guilty of the manslaughter of Jasmine Forrester after the 'frenzied attack' back in February.

The jury at Wolverhampton Crown Court heard Forrester had been suffering from a psychotic mental disorder a few days before.

On the night of the attack, Forrester visited his mother’s home where both he and Jasmine were due to stay that evening.

He then attacked both Jasmine and his mother. Jasmine suffered 100 'catastrophic' injuries and Forrester was still attacking Jasmine when officers arrived.

She was taken to hospital in a critical condition but died shortly after.

Delroy Forrester killed Jasmine while suffering a mental health crisis. Credit: West Midlands Police
When officers arrived at the scene on Kent Road in Wolverhampton, Forrester was still attacking Jasmine. Credit: BPM Media

In his victim statement, Jasmine's father Simeon described her as 'vibrant, funny' and his 'shining little star'.

He said: “Jasmine was vibrant, funny and loved life. I would give anything to change places with Jasmine; to take away the terror and pain she suffered that night. For the rest of my life I will feel guilt, because I was not there to protect her when she needed me most.

“At the Children’s Hospital, when medical staff informed me that the life support would be withdrawn, I felt numb. I lay next to Jasmine on her hospital bed. I cuddled her and urged her to be brave on her onward journey. No parent should ever have to do this.

"Through many tears I held her and watched her last breath escape her. I feel that when she died so, too, did a part of me."

In his victim statement, Jasmine's father Simeon Forrester described her as his 'shining little star'. Credit: BPM Media

Forrester was found guilty of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

Giovanni D’Alessandro from the CPS said: “Jasmine was a friendly, caring and well-liked girl who had a bright future ahead of her. This was all taken away by Delroy Forrester.

“On the night of the murder, he attacked his elderly mother and, while she tried to get help, used a series of improvised weapons to launch a frenzied attack on Jasmine, inflicting serious injuries to her head and body.

“The jury accepted the defendant was suffering from a mental disorder but dismissed his claim he did not know what he was doing was wrong. This was a tragic incident and our thoughts are with Jasmine’s family and friends.”

Forrester will be sentenced in September.