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Fears for the future of a community café in Nottinghamshire

The popular Nottinghamshire community cafe helps people with disabilities. Photo: ITV News Central

There are fears that a popular community café in Nottinghamshire may have to close if it cannot find £200,000 to buy the building.

The Rumbletums Café in Kimberley, which helps young people with disabilities, currently rents the premises, but the owners are selling. The cafe says other locations are not suitable, so they have until next summer to find the cash.

They are looking at a variety of ways of trying to raise the money, including setting up a GoFundMe page.

Rumbletums Cafe may have to close if it does not find the necessary funding. Credit: ITV News Central

The Rumbletums Café also works as a training project for young people with disabilities. At the store, they can learn how to make meals and serve customers.

Owners are optimistic they will find sources of funding to save the Café.