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Memorial service for miners killed in disaster 25 years ago

A memorial service took place this weekend to remember three miners who were killed in the Bilsthorpe Colliery disaster.

On 18 August 1993, a roof within the mine fell in on Bill McCulloch, who was 26, Peter Alcock, who was 50, and 31-year-old David Shelton.

A service was attended by former miners of the pit, and family and friends of those affected.

The mining disaster had an impact on the whole community. Credit: ITV News Central
Some former miners have attended the memorial service Credit: ITV News Central

Brian Jackson was one of those working at the colliery that day.

Kenny Zarebski was also working on the pit top when it happened and took a phone call from a colleague in the mine below.

In 1995, David Shelton was posthumously awarded the George Medal for his bravery on the day of the disaster, as he tried to help other miners get out.

The pit opened in 1925, and was closed in 1997.

David Shelton died in the disaster Credit: ITV News Central