Injured goose enjoys bike ride to safety

This is the moment an injured goose was taken to safety... on the back of a bicycle.

Two cyclists found the bird while they were riding along a canal in Staffordshire. Natalie Roberts and Alex Drew stopped when they realised he was struggling to walk.

The goose - which they called 'Greg' - was 'flailing' around but quickly settled on Natalie's lap while they rang for help. But not wanting to wait, the couple decided to pack Greg in their backpack and take him to the nearest town on their bikes.

Two cyclists found the injured goose along a canal towpath in Staffordshire. Credit: Alex Drew / Natalie Roberts

Natalie, who is from Stone, told ITV News Central: "We came across the goose on a bike ride near Aston in Staffordshire. He was just sitting there and didn't react which didn't seem right.

"He then tried to get up but fell straight down and flailed around on the grass. I scooped him up and sat him down on the ground again, and he crawled onto my lap."

Natalie then rang the RSPCA, who advised they would arrange an emergency vet appointment in the nearest town.

But Natalie and Alex were keen to make their way to the town and put Greg in Alex's backpack.

Natalie added: "It was getting dark so we cycled two miles into town with him. He loved being on the bike and was watching the world go by. We gave him food and water which he appreciated."

But sadly, the goose was 'very unwell' and had to be put down.

An RSPCA spokesperson said: “Sadly, as the goose was emaciated and very unwell, a vet made the sad decision to put the bird to sleep to prevent further suffering.”

  • If you see a bird you have concerns about please call the RSPCA’s emergency line on 0300 1234 999.