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Healthy Holidays: easy exercises in your living room

After a long day at work or school it can be hard to motivate yourself to go out to do exercise.

As part of our Healthy Holidays series, ITV News Central has teamed up with Sporting Communities to show you some simple exercises you can do in your living room - with no equipment at all.

  • Warm up.
  • Increase the heart rate jogging on the spot or doing some free style dancing.
  • Lie down in a plank - have a family competition to see who can last the longest. There are two levels of difficulty, on your knees or keeping your back straight.
  • Ski sits - pretend you're sitting down on a chair against a wall.
  • Balance poses - one person chooses a balance, and the other copies.
Credit: ITV News Central

Mini circuit session 1

  • Squats - nearly sit down on your sofa then stand up again
  • Kicks - lie on your back and move your legs up and down
  • Dips - push yourself off a chair and back on again

Mini circuit session 2

  • Calf raises - stretch up against a wall
  • Leg stretches - sit on a chair and extend your legs
  • Press ups - two levels of difficulty - on your knees or fully extended

Do each of the circuit exercises for 30 seconds, repeating 3 times. Increase to 45 seconds over the weeks.

Drink plenty of water!

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