Twycross Zoo no longer has elephants as final two moved to Blackpool for breeding programme

Elephants Noorjahan and Esha, when she was a baby Credit: Tim Goode/PA Archive/PA Images

Twycross Zoo no longer has its herd of four female elephants.

The final two were moved to Blackpool Zoo this week, to join the other two which were moved earlier this year.

The announcement was made last November when the zoo said it was the only way to allow the herd to breed and grow.

Credit: Tim Goode/PA Archive/PA Images

Tara and Minbu travelled north separately earlier this year, with 22-year-old Noorjahan and four-year-old Esha travelling together and arriving at their new home on Tuesday.

Footage filmed by Twycross Zoo shows Noorjahan and Esha in their new enclosure.

Last November the zoo described how the animals were practising walking into specially designed steel crates weighing 10 tons each,

By getting used to standing in them, the zoo hoped their journeys north would be less stressful.

Elephants have been at Twycross Zoo since 1964, but Asian elephants are endangered with populations declining by at least 50% in the last three generations.

By moving Tara, Minbu, Noorjahan and Esha to somewhere where they can breed, its hoped the species will grow.

Credit: ITV News Central