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TV presenter, Bear Grylls, creates world's first survival camp in Birmingham

The Bear Grylls Adventure opens today (12 September) Photo: ITV

TV Presenter and survival expert, Bear Grylls, has opened the world's first survival park in Birmingham.

The facility is designed to make adventure accessible for everyone and the park includes a range of activities for thrillseekers, including the opportunity to dive with sharks, scale one of the largest high ropes in Europe, and experience indoor free fall.

To mark the park's opening, Birmingham International train station - which is just a short walk away - temporarily changed its name to 'Bearmingham' station.

Bear, who has been involved in the park project from the start, told ITV Central that he hopes it'll attract visitors from around the globe.

The park is now open and, if successful, there are plans to create more survival parks across the UK.