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Pensioner has sentimental photos stolen in distraction theft

An elderly woman is frightened to leave her house after she was targeted in a distraction theft.

Olga Allen, 89, had her purse stolen when she was shopping. But she lost far more than money; the purse contained irreplaceable photographs.

Mrs Allen says she was approached by two women outside Superdrug in Worcester. They asked for assistance, and while she tried to help them, one of them stole her purse from her bag.

But the purse contained two photographs of the women who raised her since birth.

Olga Allen had her purse stolen in a distraction theft in Worcester. Credit: ITV News Central

Mrs Allen was brought up by her auntie - or 'step-mother' - and her grandmother after her own mother died in childbirth.

She carried around two small photographs of them which she hoped to have enlarged.

West Mercia Police told ITV News Central they are investigating but have not made any arrests.

A spokesperson for Superdrug they are supporting the police with their investigation.