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Worcestershire woman becomes oldest person in the UK

A woman from Worcestershire, who has just turned 112-years-old, has become the oldest living person in the UK.

Grace Jones was born on 16th September 1906. In her 112 years, she has lived through the reign of five monarchs and 21 prime ministers. She has also seen the outbreak of two world wars.

Mrs Jones celebrated her landmark birthday on Sunday (September 16) when she was joined by family and friends for a special tea party.

Grace Jones in her 20s

Cars had only been on the roads for 20 years when Grace was born in Liverpool.

Despite losing her mother when she was just four and her father when she was in her 20s, Grace survived two world wars, was happily married to Leonard - who sadly passed away in 1986 - and ran her own millinery.

Speaking on her birthday she said she only felt 65.

"I've got no aches and no pains."

And her secret - it's simple: "Eat well. Sleep well."