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Mylee Billingham murder trial: jury shown kitchen knife

Mylee Billingham Photo: West Midlands Police

By reporter Callum Watkinson

A court has heard detail of the injuries that killed an eight-year-old girl in Birmingham in January. It’s alleged that Mylee Billingham was stabbed to death by her father.

Showing the jury a kitchen knife that William Billingham is accused of using to murder his daughter, Prosecutor Karim Khalil QC told them the blade was twenty centimetres long and the wound to Mylee’s chest was seventeen centimetres deep.

There were also puncture wounds in her back, thought, he said, to have been caused by the tip of the knife passing right through her body.

The jury was told the knife had penetrated the veins and arteries in her chest and damaged her chest bone and one of her ribs.

"We have a stab injury inflicted with severe force which penetrated the entire depth of her chest whilst also injuring one of her ribs on the way".

– Prosecutor Karim Khalil QC

Mr Khalil QC also told jurors Mylee had lesser injuries most likely inflicted as she tried to defend herself.

Opening the prosecution’s case he had earlier spoken of the sequence of events leading up to Mylee’s death and the “terrible scene” that confronted two female police officers who were first to arrive following a 999 call.

Mr. Khalil said that when Mylee’s mother, Tracey Taundry, arrived at Mr. Billingham’s house on the 20th of January to collect her daughter, he held a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her.

Mr. Billingham is then alleged to have grabbed Mylee and dragged her back into his bungalow where he stabbed her to death.

Calling the attack swift, deliberate and brutal, Mr. Khalil said the evidence would prove that Mr. Billingham had acted intentionally.

"It wasn’t some wild manic assault. This was no accident and it was not a slight injury. It was a deep violent thrusting of a lethal weapon to the most vulnerable part of his young daughter’s body”.

– Prosecutor Karim Khalil QC

William Billingham denies murder and making a threat to kill. The trial continues.