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Woman appeals for a kidney donor in an advert on her car

Sunaina Singh from Coventry says a transplant could change her and her husband's lives. Photo: ITV News Central

A woman who needs a kidney transplant has put adverts on her and her husband's car, appealing for a donor.

37-year-old Sunaina Singh from Coventry was diagnosed with a chronic kidney disease six years ago. She is attending dialysis sessions four times a week, but she needs a kidney transplant.

She and her husband decided to take matters into their own hands by putting adverts on the back windscreens of their cars.

A kidney transplant could change their lives.

A donor was found last year, but then they became ill, so the transplant could not go ahead.

Sunaina says she was heartbroken.

Now, they hope someone will see the adverts and could perhaps be a donor match.

Sunaina and her husband have put adverts on their cars, hoping someone will see them and could perhaps be a match. Credit: ITV News Central

According to the NHS Blood and Transplant, more donors from black, Asian and minority ethnic groups are needed to address an increase in patients from the same communities.

It is estimated that over 1,800 black, Asian and minority ethnic patients are currently waiting for a transplant. Moreover, one in five people who died on the Transplant Waiting List last year were from these backgrounds.