Plans to build driverless test track on part of Battle of Bosworth site approved

Plans for a controversial development on the site where King Richard III died have been given the go-ahead.

Hinckley and Bosworth District Council have decided to allow technology company MIRA to build a testing track for driverless cars on part of the Battle of Bosworth site.

The company says the £26 million project will create more than 1,000 jobs, and only a very small area of the battlefield will be built on - only half a per cent of a 2,600 acre site.

The proposed test covers part of the Battle of Bosworth site. Credit: ITV News Central

However, there are concerns that the development will encroach on the historic site.

Ahead of the decision, Sally Henshaw of the Richard III Society said: "We're certainly not against technology and science. After all, it was DNA fingerprinting and genetics that identified Richard III when we found him in 2012.

"But surely another place can be found that doesn't encroach on the battlefield? Surely technology and advancement doesn't have to be at the price of losing our heritage and our history?"

Speaking of the location of the the proposed test track, she added: "It is an absolutely vital part. To view the battlefield as a whole, to get the idea of how the battle went, you need that part.

"That was where Henry Tudor advanced. That was where Henry stood on the ridge and for the first time saw the Royalist army of Richard III.

"It's absolutely crucial to the battle that that part isn't destroyed forever."