Bricks thrown at ambulances responding to emergency

Two ambulances have had to be taken off the road, after bricks were thrown at them while they were travelling to an emergency.

The first ambulance was on its way to a patient with breathing difficulties in Birmingham but the crew had to stop after a brick was thrown at the windscreen.

A replacement vehicle was then called out to attend the incident but this was also targeted.

Luckily, the paramedics in the second vehicle continued to the emergency, despite hearing a loud "bang" as they drove along.

It was later discovered the ambulance had been dented above the windscreen.

West Midlands Ambulance Service says it will cost hundreds of pounds to repair the vehicles.

Crews discovered the second ambulance had also been dented, after hearing a loud 'bang' as they were driving Credit: West Midlands Ambulance Service

Throwing a brick at any vehicle is dangerous and idiotic, but when it is an ambulance responding to an emergency, it beggars belief.

Nathan Hudson, West Midlands Ambulance Service

The two incidents took place at the underpass on Birchfield Road at the junction of Aston Lane in Birmingham.

The first happened at about 2.30pm on Tuesday afternoon and the second at around 3pm.

Anyone with information is asked to contact West Midlands Police.