Nottingham Labour MP, Chris Leslie, loses no confidence vote

Chris Leslie has been an MP for Nottingham East since 2010 Credit: UK Parliament

The MP for Nottingham East, Chris Leslie, has lost a vote of no confidence.

The former shadow chancellor was a vocal critics of party leader Jeremy Corbyn and fellow Labour MPs say he is now the latest victim of a "purge".

Similar action has been taken against Labour Friends of Israel chairwoman Joan Ryan, Luton South MP Gavin Shuker and the Labour Brexiteers Kate Hoey and Frank Field.

Mr Leslie has been MP for Nottingham East since 2010 but on Friday night (28th September) he became the latest parliamentarian to be censured.

Those MPs targeted by local party votes have either been critics of Mr Corbyn on subjects including anti-Semitism, or hardline Brexiteers who voted with the Tories on key legislation.

The result carries no official weight but recent changes to party rules make it easier to remove sitting MPs.