Man found guilty of murdering grandmother after racking up £35,000 gambling debt

A has been convicted of murdering his grandmother in a brutal knife attack after building up a £35,000 gambling debt.

Gregory Irvin cut his grandmother Anne James' throat and stabbed her 30 times in the chest and back after approaching her from behind at her home in Walsall on 28 February. A neighbour discovered her body

Detectives investigating her death found no signs of a disturbance or forced entry.

Anne James' body was discovered by a neighbour. Credit: West Midlands Police

CCTV showed Irvin had parked in the Highgate area and walked towards his grandmother’s house around lunchtime that day.

The 26-year-old was then seen walking back around 15 minutes later.

Further analysis of DNA and blood taken from his car and jacket were able to link him to the crime.

Birmingham Crown Court was heard how he asked for money from his grandmother, after racking up debts of around £35,000. He had a gambling addiction and cocaine habit.

A jury took a little over three hours to find Irvin him guilty of murder. He will be sentenced on October 29.

A jury heard how Gregory Irvin racked up debts of acking up debts of around £35,000. Credit: West Midlands Police

Detective Inspector Harry Harrison, from West Midlands Police, said: "This was a despicable crime by a compulsive liar, who shunned and manipulated the love and support offered by his family.

"By killing his grandmother he has destroyed their lives and has rightly been convicted of murder.

"This was someone Mrs James would have trusted as her grandson and who had always been welcomed into her home.

"My thoughts remain with the family and I truly hope they can move on and rebuild their lives."