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Thousands of pounds stuffed in nappies found at Birmingham Airport during a police week of action

The police week of action was aimed to deter criminal activity at the airport. Photo: ITV News Central

West Midlands Police have seized over £70,000 in cash at Birmingham Airport during a week of action to deter criminal activity.

The police says it was seized from individuals travelling abroad - in one instance, £30,000 was found stuffed in nappies.

They say the cash may be the proceeds of crime or destined to support terrorism abroad. The investigations are on-going.

Police says it was looking at a range of issues at the airport - from general crime and pickpocketing to looking out for people possibly being coerced into travelling.

Tackling terrorism also remains important.

Inspector Chris Cotton, who manages the West Midlands Police's Airport Policing Unit said:

We work extremely closely with all areas of the airport, and passenger safety is paramount for us both. Our message is clear, if you come to Birmingham Airport to commit crime − we will find you and arrest you.

– Inspector Chris Cotton, Airport Policing Unit, West Midlands Police

Bob Graham, Operations Director at Birmingham Airport said:

We fully support our on-site policing unit in its day to day activities and work actively with the team on initiatives. Our joint number one priority is to ensure that all passengers and visitors that visit the Airport feel safe and secure.

– Bob Graham, Operations Director, Birmingham Airport